Wedding photographer in L’Isle sur la Sorgue

Under sunny skies, a special day is preparing the Bastide des Barattes. Built in the seventeenth century, tastefully restored has seen unfold many events but it will remain forever in the memory of the bride and groom and their relatives. ideal place to celebrate love, the country house is located in the Luberon, 10 minutes from Isle sur la Sorgue, in a preserved environment at the heart of Provence countryside. Preparation of the spouses in the making, cocktail, dinner and party: it is in this exceptional place that these unique events will take up.

Final preparations in good spirits

Behind the blue shutters of the traditional building with southern accents or in the shade of trees in the landscaped grounds unfold unique and unforgettable moments for the preparation of marriage. While some are at work, picking up barehanded the dead leaves on the lawn or other refine their speech is also the time to start the beautifying effect.

13h: While the dress waiting patiently to finally be brought to the bride it’s time to have their hair done. Braided bun, headband lace and small white flowers, everything is in place. After the hair is the time for the bride to be makeup gazing out the window the area of the country house.

Unique outfits

For the groom, the time is also the first preparations. three parts and white shoes that will accompany you come out the suit. As usual, the boys side the atmosphere is less serious. While donning the costumes was fun and made the beautiful to hide his emotion. Fortunately the friends and family are there or no one could have achieved his only tie knot. For the groom is a bowtie weight and it ensures that it is properly fitted.
If only one person is enough to adjust the bow tie, girls, we start three to adjust the bride’s dress. The veil has just put the finishing touches to the outfit.

15.30: Ceremony in church

The guests arrive to meet the groom. In this special day, we kiss, we compliments we kidding … In a picturesque village, characteristic of the area, a pretty little church and the priest who officiates there are preparing to welcome the betrothed.

After everyone has taken place in the church, the groom can make its entry in his mother’s arms. Him as all are waiting for the woman of his heart. Preceded by a string of little girls, she finally arrives accompanied by her father. He might know it by heart, the groom marvels at the beauty of his bride.
During the ceremony a cheerful atmosphere and filled with emotion reign. glances observed between lovers while laughter and tears mingle in the audience when they say yes.

United forever: the church’s exit

Hugs and congratulations to the exit of the church. Hand in hand and now united by the bonds of marriage, the lovebirds can go enjoy and immortalize their happiness under the southern sun in the middle of dense vegetation.

18h: Return to the country house for the begennig of cocktail

A soft light of late afternoon the park envelope of the Bastide des Barattes which is preparing to host the newlyweds and their guests for a celebratory cocktail. This one takes place around the pool. The laughter and conversations rise from every corner of the park on a background music. Between conversations, everyone goes to the original photo booth installed in a van.

8:45 p.m.: The end of the cocktail and the beginning of the meal

Guests staying for dinner taking place under the lights around tables in country-style: wild flowers, hay bales as a seating for the children’s table, jam pots awaiting each guest …
During meals everybody listen to the married speeches, friends and family have planned funny and moving surprises and, of course, everybody are enjoying .
At a time when most young people fall tired, it’s time for the big start winning track. Married then launch into a frenzied dance before they all join to celebrate love to the end of the night.