Wedding Chic and Country setting in Vaucluse

The big day has arrived!

Aurélie and Florian will say YES to life today. It is the wedding day is their day.

I find Aurélie early morning in Blanche Fleur. My first mission is to capture all the excitement that can be found in the preparation of the bride and her bridesmaids. It is a very intimate moment when the major actors of marriage are preparing: hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, beautiful dresses. Everything is done in joy and good humor. Complicity is a must! I still lurking in the doorway and then moved me to no velvet to photograph them. then I agree Florian, the groom and their witnesses. Then we will drive to a small town full of charm: Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne. This village of Vaucluse was a real heart for our couple.

Photographe mariage

Bless our union …

After the preparations, we set off to the lovely church of Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne where will be celebrated the union of Aurélie and Florian.

I position myself very quickly in order to capture the wonder of Florian when he discovers his beautiful wedding dress of Aurélie. We can guess that the two hearts beat faster. The guests arrive and are happy to be together around the two lovebirds. I photograph discreetly to better capture the happiness they have to be met for this beautiful day in bright sunshine and blue sky of Provence..

Aurélie with his grandfather walking to the altar under the loving gaze of Florian. The guests were moved. The benevolent speech priest of the parish of Chateauneuf de Gadagne is listened carefully. Then comes the exchange of mutual commitments, rings and … Kiss!

I had come earlier locate the scene. The church has a special light and atmosphere. It is important to me appropriating its rules in order to move discreetly during the religious ceremony. It must remain solemn and profound.

At the end of ceremony, I head for the church square to position myself. Ready to shoot the fireworks of confetti and flower petals that take place under the amused eyes! This is the tractor Married go to the reception venue they chose carefully.


Reception on a green island and quiet of the Sorgue

The reception was in Blanche Fleur, located between the Luberon and the Alpilles. This exquisite and authentic place offers me again plenty of opportunities to make very natural pictures. I accompanied Aurélie and Florian at the cocktail reception at the banquet and late into the night. Taking pictures of the dancing is very entertaining!

A union for life … and memories too!

Wedding photography which I realize will follow you all your life. I put all my heart, all my passion and all my artistic sense that when our Married watch, even 40 years later, with their grandchildren on their knees, they take infinite pleasure in recalling this extraordinary day. All friends and family are present in this album, album souvenir precious…