Wedding at the castle of Cassis

Under a blue sky and facing a Mediterranean Sea to the deep blue waters of Cassis Castle hosts a unique event. Stone walls full of stamps and a view on the wild beach, the sea and the city will offer this wedding a dream setting.

Under the letters “LOVE”, some cool off and relax or have fun in the pool while the interior of the building, accessories and outfits are waiting to be worn.


The time of the hairstyle is coming, will ensue makeup and donning the dress under the compassionate eyes of family and friends. There must be more to it to help the bride to put on and adjust her dress during preparation.

After one last drink in swimming shorts on the terrace, it’s time for the groom and witnesses donning an outfit more appropriate to the circumstances. Around a table where rests a happy mix of objects, the boys laugh and talk while helping each other to do their necktie.

The town hall

After being discovered with admiration and tenderness on the castle terrace, the bride and groom kiss before going to the town hall for the ceremony.
The stars of the day take time to chat with their guests. Many argue laughter in the room including the mayor. Then lovers listen carefully to the mayor before saying yes and kissing. Congratulations and hugs close follow this moment of emotion.

Leaving the town hall, all the newlyweds enjoying their first time alone in the stairwell to savor the moment following the union.
The couple can then go through the streets of Cassis, more in love than ever to reach the little train that brings them back with the guests at the castle.

The ceremony in the castle

The castle of Cassis, a vaulted room with simple, sublime scenery on brick wall ready for the religious ceremony. The beauty of the place adds to the magic of the event.
The day is placed under the sign of good humor and laughter rise again from every corner of the room. Bride sings out loud and the couple exchange many accomplices and lovers looks.
When to say yes, the bride can not restrain her tears, as many guests. Comes the exchange of rings, a powerful symbol of the bond between the couple.


The poster “Let’s party like Gatsby” sets the tone, you will not risk getting bored during the evening. While everyone toasts the cocktail on the terrace is the scene of many events: tender moments with family, confidences, discussions, jokes … Love is in the air which seems to give ideas to other couples.

In the middle of cocktail, married slip away for their couple photoshoot, time to take a step back to two.
The singer and his group then put the ambience and guests start dancing. There is a first dance of the couple as married. The bridegroom is a ground demonstration of his talent dancer while his wife sings with gusto.

The meal and the party

Married acclaimed make an appearance for the meal. The atmosphere is already waiting for you, it makes even turn the towels and one carries married.
The meal is punctuated with laughter, speech married, moving and fun surprises to close …

After the cake and champagne, it’s time to ignite the dancefloor until the end of the night to start a joyful new life together.