From Provence to Picardy, there is one step…

There are only mountains that never meet!

Earlier this year I was contacted by email by a couple of furturs married looking for a professional wedding photographer. Amélie and Victor did not hesitate a moment to get in touch with me despite my location: indeed I am based in the outskirts of Avignon in the Vaucluse (84) but I travel throughout France and even abroad.

Baie de somme

During a telephone appointment, we exchanged on the expectations of the couple. I have asked about the pictures they saw on my website devoted to the marriage to come to an agreement on the artistic possibilities that I have at marriage according to their wishes.

June 2016 Noyelles-sur-Mer in Picardy

One morning in June I went to Château de Noyelles in Somme, in an absolutely beautiful boutique hotel. It is located halfway between Berck and Abbeville, in the English Channel.

The day began with the photo taken in the preparation of married, their witnesses and their immediate families. I play with different points of view: I sneak between this little world in turmoil, I photograph from a door in the reflection of a mirror, from the first floor. I also immortalizes the decoration out of time in this special place.

Photo paysage de la baie

Photos of the couple are in the Château de Noyelles but also on the beaches of Mers-les-Bains. I invite our future spouse to let go for very natural photos, full of emotion but sometimes very funny!

The wedding ceremony takes place at the City Hall of Mers-les-Bains. I move very quietly in order to photograph the highlights of the celebration. I also take pictures of the church is very receptive to the Mayor of speech!

After the wedding at the town hall, I joined the Château de Noyelles and enjoy the calm to take photographs of the beautiful reception of Amélie and Victor room. They cared little details to surprise their guests. When all the guests arrive for the cocktail reception and banquet, I walk quietly to capture portraits. A lot of emotion emerges: tenderness, joy, a tear of emotion … I’m here but you do not see me, you are in the box!

I accompanied our young married couple Picardy until the middle of the night to also take pictures of the cake and dancing.

Preparing pictures

Back in the Vaucluse, I harnessed myself to the work of sorting the best photos. Consistent with our young husband, I retouched some photos to give them my personal touch and a silver effect, colored, black and white, sepia … This is what charmed Amélie and Victor when they visited my website.

I also look after the delivery of wedding photos I offers different qualities albums photos, personalized USB keys … I respond better to your expectations!