“Day after” or “Trash the Dress” session

With the ‘Day after’ session make magic of your wedding lasts through a unique and original photo shoot without any stress.

A wedding day requires much attention and energy. You are living the best day of your life but time passes at a considerable speed on D-Day. You run all day and during a photo session this day, it is difficult to be focused on it and not to think of the details of the day. You are not really in the mood.

Why not opt for the session after the wedding to lighten your schedule? You will fully enjoy your day and will celebrate love without having to worry about the traditional photo shoot.
On D-Day, you will be satisfied with the photos taken by the guests of your wedding during the ceremony, the party cocktail, the meal and the evening. For more aesthetic and artistic clichés, it is better to wait and to be well rested, and focus on your photo session with the ‘Day after’ session.

séance day after

The principle

You must put on your bride and groom’s outfit to make pictures after the wedding.

This session allows you to take photos without any stress and with much more time. You will already have celebrated your wedding. All we have to do is to be concentrated on the happiness of the couple and to capture those moments. The ‘Day after’ photo session allows you to prepare the session much more in detail, you can choose a different wedding location and I can take more pictures of the newlyweds.

The constraint of time and wedding organization are no longer there. Photos are also indicative of a more privileged and more free moment.  You will be more relaxed and the osmosis of the couple will be captured in natural, in a confident atmosphere. My camera will no longer have any secrets to you, you will be relaxed in front of the objective and pictures will be much more natural.

Alone with the photographer, the newlyweds enjoy a moment just for them during the photo shoot. Far relatives that require you to hold the pose, you are more natural and it can be seen on the clichés.

photo de couple après le mariage

After carefully protecting your wedding dress on your wedding day, the ‘Day after’ session can turn into the ‘Trash the dress’ photo shoot. More fun,

The principle is that, once the wedding is done, you no longer have to worry about damaging or not your dress that will no longer serve. You even can deliberately damage it during the photo shoot. Paint, mud, water, extreme sports … the dress no longer fears anything and can end up in situations that damaging it or smear while sublimating.

It is a good way to put your wedding dress one last time, to make last the magic and to be beautiful one more time in that dress that made you dream so much. It is also a good way to prolong another few days this dream that lasted more than a year.

This result will remain etched and will contrast with your conventional wedding album.

The venue of the session

It is up to the couple to choose or ask for advice to the photographer for the location of the session. The timing constraint is no longer a problem. We can do this session in any country in the world. Go for a few hours or for a day or 2 in paradisiacal place? Everything is possible! There is no boundaries.

Here, honeymooners can move to the place of their dreams to fix the timeless emotion of their love complicity, in privacy. Trash the Dress session or simply peaceful shooting, it’s up to you! Most honeymooners opt for a session to immortalize wedding emotion while highlighting their passions or places they particularly like.

On the sea, in the air or in desert, there are no limits. Do not hesitate to submit your ideas in order to prepare this incredible adventure together.

For example, some choose to realize their photo shoot while doing an exceptional activity (bungee jumping, scuba diving …) And others decide to share this time with their pets. Some prefer to do it during their honeymoon or during a travel.

couple devant mobile home