Engagement session

You dream to unveil the happiness of your marriage before your wedding? Choose engagement session pictures to seal the union of your couple before the ceremony of your commitment with original and unique photographs. Here is the opportunity to make the most beautiful moments of your life timeless in a personal photo shoot. Remember, your wedding is a unique moment in which it is essential to have beautiful memories!


The engagement session attracts more and more brides and grooms. The goal is not just to spend some quality time with her partner, but also to create a beautiful memory of every moment before the awaited day. Working with a professional and passionate photographer can make this session even more dazzling engagement. If you want to achieve beautiful shots before formal union, it would give me great pleasure to be your photographer.

Throughout France and around the world

Explore the city or the countryside and all the places that matter to you heart to capture the moment and the complicity of your relationship with many images. Just the presence of your partner to a simple park, parking, a house or a wall or a door in a street turns into a decoration, creating alchemy that makes the magic moment. The choice of location will make your unique and natural images.

Let yourself go and revealed your complicity, as and when the meeting will forget my presence that will enhance your relationship. We are here to have fun then we have fun, be yourself and I will take the right picture at the right time. Through the fleeting nature of the moment, then fixed each photo the beauty and simplicity of your relationship and ensures a range of quality photographs and to your image, highlighting the uniqueness and the complicity of your relationship. My goal is to bring out the happiness that exists between the two grooms. No need to frozen or bundled costume smiles, be natural, live the moment and laugh out loud!


A sample session

As Adeline & Virgil, browse the sites that appeal to you to bring out your love and joy of life in two. Through a simple parking, it is the attention to detail and the graphical side in the view of the device will transform the place into a timeless beautiful picture. The engagement session is not to freeze the image of your relationship but to bring out the emotion and complicity of two future married. Let you wear your duo, I take care of the rest.


Some ideas for your time

Start the session with a few photographs that remind your love story. If you met your lover in high school, in a gym or office, you can ask in these locations with your favorite outfits! Then wander under my aim your favorite corners in the image of a tea room or a tennis court. We tell your story is a great theme for your photographs! I am very attached to unsolicited photographs.

When you put your hair in order or you laugh at loud, clearing a true natural glow! Little more, I like to offer a few original photographs as a future bride Convers floor on a bike or a married quietly sitting on the bus.