A Kinkfolk spirit elopement in the Luberon

The choice of a two-stage elopement

After a first marriage to the Pouliguen, in a very small committee, Elise and Yves, already married in the eyes of the law, chose to organize their lay ceremony in a completely different place.

If the civil marriage had taken place in a strong place for Yves, it is an evocative place for Elise which is this time the scene of a secular ceremony full of emotion. The Luberon, a witness to her childhood plays and intense moments of family happiness, has also become the place that saw her live this unique moment, uniting her forever to Yves.

Elopement photographer Luberon, I was chosen by the couple to immortalize the ceremony of a life on glossy paper, with his intimate moments of joy and emotion.

The meal, a reflection of a philosophy of life and convictions

Lovers of good things, simple in their conception of life, close to nature and especially vegetarians both, Elise and Yves could only follow their philosophy and convictions for the organization of the meal of their elopement.

The caterer selected to make the wedding meal could then only share their vision to allow them to savor it fully. It is therefore an organic caterer, cultivating the products he cooks and serves himself, who has been engaged. Composed of fresh, local, seasonal, bios and, of course, mostly vegetarian, the menu imagined by the bride and groom has been without them having to give up their own convictions.

A few days out of time

Far from the stressful atmosphere of traditional weddings imposing a steady rhythm, Elise and Yves took the time to enjoy.
With the desire to allow their loved ones to have a pleasant time by disconnecting from their daily life, the newlyweds organized a few privileged days in the mas, theater of their ceremony, before it took place.

Families and witnesses then spent several days with Elise and Yves before they said yes again. In their small bubble, out of time and practical considerations of everyday life, married couples and families were able to share a more intimate meal on Friday evening but also set up and begin preparations for the ceremony and meal place and then set up together decoration . In a world where it is sometimes difficult to take time to be together, the two lovers have managed to create an exceptional and precious little cocoon in which indelible memories have been created for all.

Emphasis on sharing

Elise and Yves, eager to share with their loved ones for this important event in their lives, emphasized sharing in all aspects of their marriage. Large table, secular ceremony hosted by relatives, speeches made by friends and family, stay at the mas with the nearest, everything was thought to meet this desire.

In this spirit, it was a moving and light ceremony that was officiated by two witnesses, between sincerity and humor. Close friends and family members then spoke during the latter as well as during the meal. Touching words that reached both spouses in the heart.

A unique and large table like a huge banquet in the wilderness avoided the separation of the guests in multiple small groups and all then were sitting around the young spouses and those despite a heavy shower!

The Luberon: an idyllic setting for a Kinfolk atmosphere

Small paradise of the south of France, the Luberon offered an idyllic setting for this wedding a bit bohemian. Perfectly suited to the Kinfolk atmosphere desired by the bride and groom, the mas hosting the ceremony and the meal was decorated with natural elements, warm and simple, bought or homemade. A spirit guinguette and country, imagined by the married, comes to perfect this ideal framework. The Luberon then offers the outdoor ceremony an exceptional decor, with an unobstructed view of the vineyards and hilltop villages in the vicinity. Despite the pouring rain, the meal also takes place outside in this beautiful landscape.