Wedding photographer Marseille

Heat and sun are in date for marriage in Marseille of Flora and Bertrand.

11.00: Preparations for the bride with her mother in Marseille

Located in the heart of Marseille, the home of the mother of the bride who welcomes final preparations and beauty layout. Nostalgia and childhood memories surround the bride as she prepares to unite with the man she loves.

Surrounded by his family, Flora saw her last moments of bride in a familiar and charming setting. She was hair done on the family terrace in the shade deciduous trees. Before passing to the makeup, she enjoys unique moments with her child and her family.

Finally, it’s time to don the dress that everyone will remember. In its holding of one day, the bride evokes emotion of his family.

14:00: The preparations for the groom

At 14:00, it was the turn of the groom preparation, to the marital home. Between the pictures of the couple and the children’s toys, the 3 piece suit and polished shoes goods waiting to be worn.

Everything must be perfect for the day of the sacred union, which is why everyone gets going to help the groom to adjust her outfit different elements.

Once everyone is finally ready, come the time to go to the ceremony.

15.30: Ceremony at the Abbey St Victor Marseille

In front of the Abbey St Victor of Marseille, family and friends get together in their finest clothes. Reunions, meetings, greetings, laughter … all the guests mingle pending the stars of the day.

Under the majestic arches of the Abbey St Victor, the groom made his entrance in front of his family. Then it was the turn of his bride. Happiness and love can be read on the faces of lovers who say yes surrounded by their loved ones.

Married take the time to meditate before leaving the Abbey and out under a rain of white petals.
Now united in marriage, Flora and Bertrand receive the congratulations of their relatives.

17.00: Couple session

After the shared emotion comes a special moment between the newlyweds, only with Marseille wedding photographer for capturing the love and complicity that emerged of the moment. At the venue where will take up the cocktail, Flora and Bertrand realize under the lens of photographer they are now united forever in marriage. Regards accomplices, tender kisses and united hands are then immortalized.18h00: D├ębut du cocktail au domaine

After the photo shoot couple, newlyweds joined their guests for cocktail area. The property where lush vegetation offers the cocktail stunning nature. A toast with champagne and enjoyed some appetizers while chatting in a good mood.

21.00 : The end of cocktail

At 21:00 on the low evening sun disappeared and the guests are now illuminated by the single light string lights. The cocktail ends to make way for food and celebration.