Wedding photographer in Aix-en-provence

The photograph can capture magical moments such as a wedding. No way to go for simple snapshots with fixed smiles. It’s time to fall for a wedding photographer in Aix en Provence.

Wedding photographer, I decided in 2011 to specialize in this type of event. For me, emotions and light strings are the key to beautiful photographs. No question of being too present in the wedding. The photographer disappears so that the atmosphere remains natural and stands out as a perfect setting for photographs. Bursts of laughter and happy smiles wisps therefore inhabit different photo albums of my clients.

Find a photographer for your wedding in Aix en Provence

I always offers a first contact before the ceremony. This will target different desires. Overall, I accompany the spouses throughout the day: preparations (with the required photographs, intimate moments as the hairstyle of the bride, the future husband necktie …), the ceremony (crossing the church, exchange of rings, rice roll, portrait of guests) as well as the cocktail reception and dinner. Of course I can also take photographs before or after marriage when the engagement or the “Day after” …


My photographs benefit from excellent quality prints which allows the production of albums, books but also large prints framed. Of course, the couple will also receive photographs in digital format with the delivery of a USB key. Top your wedding a unique moment and discover the magic of my shots!

An example of wedding pictures (Bénédicte & Thibault):

After a first meeting in Madrid in 2002, we lost a little of view for almost 2 years …

Homecoming end of 2004 and the beginning of a long and beautiful story … 9 years later, surprise weekend in Britain under a bright sun of February: moonlight, a deserted pier and the famous question (some began to despair) … only one answer: YES!

The date and place are fixed quickly, it will be June 21, 2014 at the Château d’Alpheran, a charming place near Aix and Marseille combining a beautiful building, a beautiful cedar centenary and a beautiful pool to prolong the festivities on Sunday !

The D-Day

After 1 year of preparation, we get relaxed and serene on the day J. Everything is ready, there is more to think about us and enjoy this unforgettable weekend!
This begins the Friday night with an evening “foot” improvised my parents with friends and family already there. The festivities are launched!


Saturday day under the sign of relaxation! Thibaut in the pool with his witnesses, my hairdresser between Aix and makeup in the garden of my parents … rather nice!
Little or no stress and therefore a magical day which was enjoyed thoroughly until dawn!

The best moment

Unquestionably, our entrance tent at dinner! crazy atmosphere (a big thank you to all!) and a shot of adrenaline like never felt before …. An unforgettable moment!
Although the ride in the fields with my 10cm heels to follow the inspiration of the wedding photographer! and make fun of clichés was not bad either …

If we had to redo it :
remake is exactly the same … It was absolutely GREAT!
And especially when your chosen providers, trust them, it’s their job step yours!