Wedding photographer in Cassis

Tell us about your meeting

Before living in Zurich, I was living in Amsterdam …

I danced in the National Ballet Company, a coworker often spoke to me of a physiotherapist she had met during a tour in Zurich, which was apparently excellent and who had saved several foot injuries and knee …

In short, few years later, I got a contract in the company’s Zurich Ballet, another colleague still speaks to me again this exceptional physiotherapist who is also very nice and very charming … She said a day, when I have my session, you come with me to meet him … And … love at first sight! We met again two days later for dinner and we never left …


The statement ?

It wakes me up on a Friday morning in August of me was 5:00 and he said: My dear, do not ask me questions, we packed our bags we go somewhere, take 2 or 3 dresses and summer business … Ok, too early to argue … I run … we go down, and then his brother was waiting in the car … airport management … Or are we going ???? No response … ok, towards Venice !!! Wow, a dream, we arrive and are escorts in a beautiful hotel by boat … We travel the streets, canals, visit this magical city .. Later we return to the hotel where we dine very “romantically” candlelight …


After dessert, the maitre d hotel asks us to follow him and took us on the dock, or a beautiful boat riva we expected …. The driver holds out his hand for me to go on board and on the seat a bottle of champagne and some toast … The emotion rises … We are a boat ride in Venice by night with a nice cut, that magical moment … and I said to Claudio: My God, it’s beautiful, it’s like a dream … he kneels and opens a beautiful box and said: for a dream come true I would also that thou mayest be my wife? Tears of joy, intense happiness, a huge emotion, a feeling of joy of love, unforgettable!


The place ?

Obvious, the Roches Blanches in Cassis is a place we like to go every year when we are passing in Marseille. Hotel, wonderful location, very special for us.

Preparation and organization

Not very easy to organize a remote marriage … Living in Zurich, wishing to get married in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence … 6 months to organize, search music, Dj / violinist / saxophonist, videographer, wedding photographer, flowers, dragees … etc … What an adventure !!! But we agreed, small wedding, family and very close friends, we were 35. Many searches, online, wedding website, magazines, books etc … 3 weekend in Marseille to meet all providers, weekend burdens but certainly effective …

The wedding ?

It was perfect. We were so organized everything and made sure that the day is beautiful, as we said, now we just have to enjoy it, it’s not in our hands, so let’s enjoy it! Wedding 35 people (family and close friends) we were able to enjoy everyone, what happiness. Wedding in the Armenian Church of the Prado, then arrived at White Rocks, photo shoot on the seafront and cocktail terrace with violin, sax and lounge music … great time with champagne and toast … A feast followed by an excellent dinner also in violin, exceptional dishes and we danced until 4am, before bed dip in the pool … a treat! The next delicious brunch on the terrace, a joy to be found the next day!

An anecdote ?

The Armenian Church, especially ceremony in Armenian and a little French … My husband does not understand French and even less … I translated the Armenian discreetly few sentences and shook his hand when he was making the sign of the cross or say “yes my father.”