As a wedding photographer, I not only have the chance to meet beautiful people and discover beautiful places, but also to witness unique moments. This was once again the case for the wedding of Nadine and Vincent a wonderful couple.

This unique day for the two young lovers took place at the Domaine des Patras, a real favorite for them. This place seems to have emerged from a fairytale, with its mysterious and authentic charm, the fields of lavender that surround it as far as the eye can see and the soft and soothing light that bathes it … If the choice of This Estate was a no-brainer for Nadine and Vincent, the organization was all the more pleasant to follow for me.

On this beautiful day of July 9, 2016, I seized my camera to follow the course of Nadine and Vincent and thus carry out a report, each on their own, to seize the meeting of their way and the beginning of their new life .

Happy Wedding at Domaine des Patras

As soon as I arrived on the spot, I took the time to prepare, which, although they may seem trivial and intended solely for the highlight of the ceremony, are precious moments for me to grasp. For when the bride and bridegroom, each on their side, dresses, puts on make-up, and has a haircut, there is a strong emotional charge in the atmosphere that I want to capture. These rituals are central in the day of marriage: Nadine, surrounded by her mother, her sisters, her cousins, prepares and shares her joy and apprehension (photos of the preparations); Vincent, accompanied by his witnesses, is also preparing to make the leap, in a relaxed and emotionally charged atmosphere. I also photograph this magic place.

During the day, I also made images of the place, symbolic objects of this union: the wedding dress, hung on a wall of stones, appears in all its splendor; The old clock, indicated the hour under the wooden beams, promises a new page in the married life; The announcement, placed on a wooden table, is seized as the physical memory of this unique day: the tables of the meal testify to the shared conviviality …

Then came the moment of the crowd bath, with all the family and loved ones gathered under the sun and the tall trees of this magnificent estate. I have grasped this moment of sharing and joy in which everyone rejoices at the union, where the bride and bridegroom meet with emotion and tears … joy! Then the so-called “sacred” ceremony, long thought by the bride and groom as revealing of their personalities and their origins, was particularly pleasant to photograph in the shady part of the park. The speeches, full of love and humor, gave rhythm and birth to clichés of solar and joyful communion.

Finally, I give a special moment to the bride and groom taking advantage of the magnificent estate where we found ourselves to make photographs of couple more staged while taking advantage of stables, where their love is revealed in the fields around, before straw bales. Until the evening when, illuminated by the fires of candles and illuminated garlands, the bodies dance and unite to express their love before my goal of photographer marriage, making it eternal.

Then came the much awaited moment of the cocktail. It took place in the courtyard (a sheltered part of the farmhouse). The light was beautiful, a light breeze made the leaves of the trees move, as well as the bride’s hair. They laughed a lot, drunk a lot and shared a lot. It’s time to sit down to dinner! What a decoration! The tables are magnificent, the details have been tailor-made to the original small corner for the guests. A shocking entry into music.

After the meal it is time to party. Our lovers have the taste for it and it is seen in the photos. Me who likes the evenings with a lot of animation I am not disappointed at the opening of the ball the photos are incredible.

I leave with a multitude of clichés that I will then sort out on which I will apply the most appropriate colorimetry. All will be delivered digitally.