Just married!

Meeting between a photographer and grooms

I am passionate wedding photographer for several years. After a collocation in London, then a world tour and a marriage proposal to the Galapagos, it’s on the Internet, through my website, I have been contacted by Marie and Andy. We met to exchange, I presented my work, they explained what they expected of wedding photographer they would choose in Vaucluse. We have more!

Preparations in a really nice place

A few kilometers from Avignon in the Vaucluse, I joined in the early morning the bride and groom who were in full preparation. My first pictures are taken discreetly when the girls are trying to look very nice: hair, makeup and dressing. Then I joined the groom and witnesses who also finished their hair, shaving and hop, costumes! I walk quietly between these gentlemen to take very natural pictures. They do not see the lens of my camera fixed on them. I fixed on film their glances and joy that emanates from this beautiful day ahead.

Original engagement ceremony oudoor

Marie and Andy had chosen to get married outdoors in the beautiful area of the Taleur Island Bartelasse in Vaucluse, a few kilometers from Avignon. We were very lucky because the wedding ceremony took place in the large park before the rain starts to fall. Despite the gloom, I focused to take the brightest pictures possible. The black and white is also interesting to use, it puts your timeless wedding portraits that I am close to you are frozen forever smiling and happy. I love playing with contrasts of the frame that surrounds us, your families and friends but also with all the decoration that you have carefully established. I take some blurry photos, others with great detail, a tear of joy running down one cheek, a breeze in your hair …

Its time to create memories : the couple pictures

It is at the Taleur we did photos of the couple Mary and Andy. I like to play with what we offer this greenery. Our newlyweds were perfect, being nature lovers, they let themselves carry by so much beauty and photos taken are very natural and nature, we agreed at our first meeting. They even told me that one of their favorite pictures was where they are both and, in the background, this generous nature and a stormy sky threatening! Happy marriage, rainy wedding?

Until the end of the night

I take all the highlights of the wedding, the guests sometimes come from afar to share this special day. The cocktail, dinner, photos of the dance are so many opportunities for me to express my artistic sense. I photograph all the people who love you and who are present, I took them quietly so that they are completely natural. I accompanied Mary and Andy to the end of the night.Pour la vie !

Andy and Mary have said yes for life, but my mission as their wedding photographer is to take pictures, they will enjoy watching throughout their lives. This is also why some techniques of photography I use make them timeless photos, and therefore your loved ones too.