A Wedding Nature and country in the Gard

After several years together, Jennifer and Mathieu decided to marry. La Belle said “yes” under a cherry tree in bloom in Central Park in New York. The couple contacted me. They had enjoyed my work done for the wedding of a couple of friends who were married in Pujaut in Vaucluse. We met in a small pub to discuss their expectations and I introduce myself and my work.

photographe mariage gard

Preparations of our bride and groom

A year later, we meet the big day at Jennifer home in Rochefort-du-Gard. Her witnesses, bridesmaids and family are present. While this little world is hair, make up and dress in a certain excitement, I capture the most natural possible faces. I am a photographer chameleon! I play with the lights, the opportunities presented by our host house. I hope to surprise you with the photography of objects that are nevertheless part of your day!

I joined the groom also surrounded by his immediate family and witnesses on the receiving location. Men refine their hair and shaving. They slip in their elegant costume. Always discreet, I photograph all this good mood that emerges. The faces are bright.

Chez la mariée

Civil wedding in Provence

The time of the wedding approaches, the groom and their witnesses ride in a Jeep from the US Army to join the mayor of the town of Rochefort du Gard. When we arrive on the square of the town hall in a typical Provençal style, many people are already present: family and friends are eager to see happen Jennifer bride. Here it is in its simple and delicate beautiful white wedding dress. Mayor awaits us, we move all in City Hall. During the civil wedding ceremony, I quietly moved me to photograph all the highlights of the wedding but also the emotional moments that develop among married, their families and friends. This moment of joy allows me to capture beautiful images near and dear to you that you will delight to watch throughout your life.

A laic ceremony at the venue

This is the Château de Clary in Roquemaure that marriage continues, area of 200 hectares of forest and vineyards. An exceptional place for a photographer and is perfect for a country wedding and the pair of pictures. In the large garden occurs secular wedding ceremony. Before an audience of 200 guests, I take moments of joy and emotion to the speeches of friends and family members. The ceremony ended with a balloon release. Small hens invite! I can fully exercise my passion for photography, wherever my eyes rest, I can photograph unprecedented and highlights.

I was delighted to accompany Jennifer and Mathieu to the middle of the night in the beautiful countryside of the Gard. I take great pleasure to photograph moments of dance.

The album delivered to the newlyweds traces all moments of this unforgettable day. These memories will accompany pictures and Jennifer Mathieu long. I put a lot of heart in what they look like you and that you will find there all the people you love. I wish your image and unique.