Camargue wedding photographer

A perfect day in perspective

It is during an evening of August 2016 that Sébastien hears the most beautiful “Yes” of his life, that of Aude which confirms then 5 years of deep love. Facing the “Bonne Mère” and under the starry sky of Marseille, a city so dear to this couple of lovers, the question posed brings joy to the heart of the one who is then engaged. It also launches the beginning of a unique adventure to live in two: the preparations and organization of one of the most beautiful events of a lifetime. A year of preparation was necessary to organize everything from announcement to relatives, to the choice of venue and providers, to the organization of the religious ceremony.

A place of exception, so dear to the heart of the bride

Essential for the couple, the choice of the place was one of the first concerns at the beginning of the organization of the event. The place, which had to be able to accommodate 230 people, was also chosen for the possibility that it offers to extend the party until the end of the night. As an obvious fact, the choice of the mas of the judge in the Camargue, particularly fond of Aude, imposed itself. For a long time, the promise had wanted to make her discover her loved one without knowing that she would do so on such a special occasion.
Parents, brothers and witnesses of the bride and groom were able to sleep in this place as welcoming as out of the ordinary, rustic and full of charm.
To the many assets of the place are added the excellent reception and listening to its owner Gille GRANIER who has adapted to the different demands of Sébastien and Aude, and thus offer them the wedding in their image that they had so much longed for.

Very close relatives

For the bride and groom, sharing with family and friends is essential at all stages. Full of enthusiasm, the announcement to family members marked the starting point of moments of family and friendly sharing. The promised young people were able to rely on the support of many of their loved ones to organize their marriage.
Margaux, a friend and witness of the bride, designer by profession, helped by creating for Aude and Sébastien beautiful submissions, a logo and many items of stationery respecting the theme of the Camargue.
Many other relatives of the couple have been involved in the decoration stage, notably the father of the bride whose antique shop has often been invested by lovers to hunt different objects.
On D-Day, spouses were able to rely on their loved ones on whom they rested for the final preparations and who were able to give them all the necessary support.
Once the long awaited moment arrived, Aude and Sebastien had the joy to hear the sublime voices of their friends to animate the Mass, offering a living moment and magnificent.

An authentic and authentic decoration

The theater of the evening, the raw hangar of the judge’s mas was sublimated by many objects recovered and chinned during the year. Light garlands spread throughout the place have brought a unique atmosphere, as magical as poetic. The rustic decoration and a bohemian strand were added to the rustic floral arrangements on the many round tables and the large table of the bride and groom. Entirely thought by the bride and groom, the decoration of the reception place was in their image, authentic and alive.

A festive atmosphere: between emotion and joy

Dreamed and awaited for almost a year by Aude and Sébastien, the moment has lived up to their hopes. Between emotion, joy and celebration, the atmosphere was at the rendezvous.
The entrance of the future bride to her father’s arm and the emotion in the look of the one who was going to become her husband marked the beginning of a day full of love. The emotion was again invited during the diffusion of a video of the friends of the couple and during the touching and unforgettable discourses of their families.
With a smile on their lips and a head in the stars, lovers were able to let go, surrounded by their loved ones and supported by their providers. They were able to enjoy three days and two nights of festivity feeling at home in this unique place, shaped in their image for the occasion.
The arrival of the bride and groom in the reception area, to the sound of the song “Volare” Gipsy Kings, marked the beginning of a memorable feast and offered them a grandiose entrance and full of shared joy. The DJ then took charge of making this festive atmosphere last until the end of the night!