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A wedding in Colombia feet in the sand

Maria José and Alessandro met in Peru. They were all there for professional reasons. After several moments together, they decided to stay there longer and to form their nest of love.

In the course of their history, they shared everything; the joys as the sentences and especially many journeys. They visited more wonderful places than others; between Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, the United States and Europe where they currently live, they have seen almost everything. Maria José is Colombian and Alessandro is Sicilian.

Two very different cultures, and yet a common love stronger than anything. Like all couples, they have very different characters. Alessandro is the practical and thoughtful spirit of their duet, while Maria José is rather creative and passionate. Their difference is also the source of their love, their complementarity.

Together, they form a united team for better and for worse. Little by little, they knew they were made for each other. Marriage then appeared to them as obvious. They decided to take the plunge The wedding of the lovebirds takes place at the Kapikua casa, in the province of Santa Marta in the north of Colombia.

It is at this moment that I intervene to immortalize all their moments of happiness. Photographing a wedding is a special moment for me. I meet extraordinary people who celebrate the best day of their lives. And usually, it’s done in a beautiful place.

The marriage of Alessandro and Maria José has not escaped the rule. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was a real pleasure to be the photographer for this wedding in Colombia.

A heavenly setting for a dream wedding

The Kapikua casa is a little piece of paradise around Santa Marta. Located in northern Colombia, it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The sand is white, the turquoise sea, and the tropical forest for an exotic side assured. This is the perfect place to get married. All elements come together for a dream wedding. As proof, when Maria José walks towards her husband to say yes, she sees the sea opposite, as far as the eye can see while crossing the fine sand of the Caribbean Sea. On their side, the guests are sitting in the shade under the tropical trees. The coconut palms and the turquoise blue sea punctuate this wedding with vegetal tones.

As proof, when Maria José walks towards her husband to say yes, she sees the sea opposite, as far as the eye can see while crossing the fine sand of the Caribbean Sea. On their side, the guests are sitting in the shade under the tropical trees. The coconut palms and the turquoise blue sea punctuate this wedding with vegetal tones.

Nature is ubiquitous during this union. In addition to the coconut trees planting the decor; on the tables, there are many plants to decorate the decoration. The tables are also made of wood to remind the natural side. The delivery of the rings is also done on a tropical leaf.

Local keys are also very present. Between Colombian cigars, tropical plants, homemade fans and exotic food, no doubt, we are in Colombia. This is an opportunity to celebrate the union of these two people with different cultures, but who have a common vision of love and who attach special importance to the family.

The Colombian lands are the perfect place to remember the values ​​that the two lovers share.

This wedding is a real change of scenery for me, a touch of exoticism. It is with immense pleasure that I realized this report and captured every detail of the ceremony.

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An emotional ceremony

Because in a wedding, every moment counts, I intervene from the preparation. Alessandro and Maria José do not derogate. Before serious things begin, Alessandro is still relaxed. He’s having fun with his groomsmen before the big moment arrives. He probably does not realize yet that in a few minutes he will say yes to the woman of his life. Maria Jose, for her part, adjusts her dress to be the most beautiful on this special day. Her family is present around her for this special moment. Between the dress, the hairstyle and the makeup, each has its role to play. The excitement is more and more palpable as the hour goes on.

I want to capture these magical moments, these little rituals that make the beauty of marriage.

Throughout the day, I see laughter and tears of happiness on the part of the bride and groom, but also the guests. They do not hesitate to express their joy at the sight of this beautiful couple unite in this magical place. The bride and groom family is particularly proud of this exceptional wedding.

A wedding being also the occasion of the reunion, especially when one travels from one continent to another, the emotion is only greater. All the relatives of Alessandro and Maria José made the trip to Santa Marta for this unique day. This can be seen on the faces of each person present at the ceremony .

Colombian warmth from start to finish

During this wedding, the atmosphere is at the party. Between the Colombian heat and the Italian enthusiasm, all the elements are gathered for a day in the good mood. The smiles of the guests and the bride and groom are captured throughout the ceremony. Each face exudes joy during this wedding.

The evening is particularly festive especially with the presence of local dancers who come to put the animation. Alessandro and Maria José perform some couple dances to ensure the show. Same as the witnesses of the groom who performs a choreographic acrobatic. The bride and groom dance to the end of the night and take their guests with them, or maybe the opposite. Still, everyone has fun, big and small.

Des mariés éblouissants

Maria Maria is wearing an embroidered long dress, a bit bohemian, which sublimates her from head to toe. We understand why Alessandro was moved to see her. She is simply beautiful. For his part, the groom is dressed in white. He is perfectly in harmony with his wife and the vegetal decor that surrounds them.
They are an absolutely perfect couple and the pictures are there to testify.

The guests are not left aside clothing and accessories since white hats for men, and wicker fans for women are at their disposal. Thus, fresh air is brought to women and men are protected from the heat of Colombia. The men’s hats are also spread on a clothesline by wooden pins. They form a white curtain adding an extra touch to the decoration. And in addition, everyone can use as they please if the sun is too present.

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